Helena has multiple years’ experience speaking to teenage pupils about gender and sexuality. She favours leading discussion-focused sessions that allow the students themselves to explore their thoughts and ideas. 


In the past, these workshops have covered LGBTQ+ definitions; micro-aggressions; heteronormativity; and the representation of LGBTQ+ people in the media. Recently, she has also run drag workshops with organisations including Rugby School and Downtown Pompey, covering the history of the medium and encouraging students to experiment with their faces as canvases for expression.


Please do not hesitate to contact Helena if you are interested in her leading a workshop with your pupils.



‘I thought she was AMAZING! Her manner was perfect… Each group that passed through brought new ideas, all of which were characterised by a sense of acceptance and a real celebration of diversity. So uplifting and enjoyable.’ - Andrew James, Head of Classics, Guildford High School


‘[The pupils] spoke really high of Helena and loved the session.’ - Amanda Whybro, Head of PSHE, Guildford High School